INKSOUNDS is an art collective that merges poetry and music into a singular experience. We use the interdisciplinary arts to create fresh and experimental takes on the human condition.

In practice, this means our in-house musicians are creating original compositions to selected pieces from poets across the world. These completed works are then exhibited on our online galleries.

The journal is a collection of exclusively poetry. 


Daniel Liu. Editor-in-chief. ORLANDO, FL.
Jacqueline Xiong. In-house-musician. HOUSTON, TX.
Ren Koppel Torres. Editor. AUSTIN, TX.
Heidi Bechard. Editor. SPRINGFIELD, MO.
Dominic Anaya Gulaya. Editor. LOS ANGELES, CA.
E.J. Carnegie. Editor. PITTSBURGH, PA.
Deanna Hu. Editor. SAN DIEGO, CA.